What About ChatGPT-4?

Knight Writer
2 min readJan 3, 2023
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What about ChatGPT-4, you say? For starters, the current model operates with GPT-3.5, which is mind-blowing, but 4?

ChatGPT-4 is OpenAI’s most modern and advanced natural language processing (NLP) model. It has been trained on a vast amount of data, allowing it to generate human-like text that is simultaneously coherent and engaging.

This means that version 4 might boast close to a trillion Parameters of data compared to the 12 billion parameters seen currently.

I must say this is an astounding feat.

In addition to its impressive personalized text generation capabilities, ChatGPT-4 is also incredibly fast. It can generate responses in real-time, making it ideal for live chat applications.

The tentative release date of ChatGPT-4

OpenAI has been working behind the scenes indefatigably for quite some time, fine-tuning the operation of the new GPT series.

From my sources, the timeframe should be around the spring of 2023, and to tell you all the truth, I cannot wait to…



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