Wendy’s Introduces Google-Powered Drive-Thru Chatbot

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3 min readMay 10, 2023
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Over the next few years, there will be a tidal wave of layoffs in the fast food industry, as customer interaction will be increasingly handled by AI instead of people. Entry-level jobs like this are critical to adequately inducting young people into the workforce. Other customer-facing jobs in jeopardy? Bank tellers, tax preparers, lawyers, and financial advisors.

Yes, AI is taking over jobs at a rapid pace. Soon, most places will become fully automated for the sake of money.

The Google-Powered Chatbot

The Wall Street Journal spoke with Wendy’s Chief Executive Officer Todd Penegor, who stated that the fast-food chain’s chatbot would launch in June at a company-owned restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

Penegor explained that Wendy’s drive-thru chatbot will be “very conversational.” He stated, “You will not realize you are conversing with anyone other than an employee.”

Wendy’s software engineers have collaborated with Google to develop a large language model capable of understanding words, popular expressions, and phrases in various dialects and accents. It understands Wendy’s-specific acronyms, such as “JBC” for a junior bacon cheeseburger.

You cannot make this up! 🤯



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