URGENT: Update Your iPhone 15 To iOS 17.0.2 Before Sharing Data To Another iPhone.

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2 min readSep 22, 2023
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IMPORTANT: Update your software immediately if you want to transfer your data directly to another iPhone. You can update later if you intend to download from iCloud or set up your iPhone as a new device.

The Lowdown

On the day of the iPhone 15’s release, Apple issued a critical software update to address a potential issue with the device’s initial setup.

The company published iOS 17.0.2 exclusively for iPhone 15 models earlier today. The changelog indicates that it “resolves an issue that could prevent data transmission directly from another iPhone during setup.”

In addition, some users have reported that the following configuration warning appears on their iPhone 15.

Albeit no one is perfect, it seems that the fruit company has to frequently patch software glitches upon release.

The simplest remedy to this issue is to install the update during the initial setup. This may add a few minutes before you can use your new device, but it is likely worth the delay.

Apple has created a support document specifically for users who have attempted a transfer without updating.

When transferring from an older device to a new iPhone, if the device becomes trapped on the Apple logo.

When selecting “From Another iPhone” during setup to transfer applications and data from an older iPhone to a new iPhone running iOS 17, the Apple logo may remain frozen. Learn how to perform a factory reset and use an iCloud Backup to complete the transfer.

Step 1: Use a computer to restore your new iPhone.
Step 2: Update the iPhone’s software
Step 3: Transfer your programs and data to the new iPhone.

Peep the full document here straight from Apple. I hope this helps.



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