Updated iPad Mini to Include Organic Light-Emitting Diode in 2026.

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2 min readMay 24, 2024
Photo by Jackson Hayes on Unsplash

ZDNet Korea says that Samsung has begun developing OLED display panels for a new iPad mini. About two years after Apple debuted the new iPad Pro, the first tablet with an OLED display, the next iPad mini is predicted to debut in early 2026.

Get ready, the iPad is about to make yet another technological leap. 😮

Last month, Samsung Display began working on 8-inch iPad Mini panel samples. A few domestic partner firms participating in the original development began responding to this effort.

Furthermore, Samsung Display intends to mass-produce these panels under its Cheonan A2 line.

The A2 line predominantly manufactures rigid OLEDs of the 5.5th generation, and tablet panels are increasingly being produced in a larger amount than smartphone panels.

At the latest, mass production of panels is predicted to start in the second half of 2025.

“At Apple’s request, Samsung Display began developing OLED iPad Mini samples last month,” a source claimed.

It should go into the mass production development phase within the year after the first sample development in this year’s first half.”

Samsung is supposed to provide the 11-inch OLED iPad Pro with 4–5 million panels this year. Around 10 million OLED iPad mini tablets may be shipped; but, the smaller 8-inch display will have a cheaper panel pricing.

By 2026, Apple should also have added OLED to the iPad Air. Are you looking forward to the release of the new iPad?



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