The Upcoming Railroad Strike.

Just when you thought it was safe.

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Here is the latest on what is currently happening in this world we all reside in. The upcoming railroad strike is approaching rapidly.

The question you may have personally is why do I care, and why is this happening?

If this happens, it wreaks havoc on our economy.

The Railroad strike

Strikes are going on all around us, whether we hear about them or not. Many sectors in the labor force are at a standstill with their Union contracts due to foul play.

With this said, the upcoming strike in the rail industry can have catastrophic consequences.

We are not just talking about one railroad road name; it is all seven class 1 freight railroads plus Amtrak.

The seven main class 1 rail that operates here in the US are; Kansas City Southern, Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, and BNSF.

This generates 2 Billion a day for our economy.

Railroads are the quiet suppliers for our cars, food, clothes, and technology. Everything you possess comes from the rail.

Furthermore, the electricity comes from coal and all seven major. class 1 railroads are in charge of transporting coal across the transcontinental railroads.

How will this affect us?

If this strike transpires, this will cause a domino effect in the real world as we know it.

For starters, we will see:

  • energy rates increasing exponentially
  • food shortages
  • less traveling via rail
  • routes getting canceled
  • more inflation
  • no replacement parts for automobiles etc.

Trucks are not the only means of transporting goods to the store and then to the homes of many.

Trains are a big deal (no pun intended); however, this will hurt us in more ways than one.



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