The Fruit Company Leaves Many Fans Disappointed With Their M2 Chips.

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2 min readJan 28, 2023
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Well, well, well. What did this title say? The fruit company leaving its audience disappointed this past year needs to be addressed.

Now, why would I say this? Simple. The fact that Apple is cutting corners is leaving many and plenty upset with their latest installment of chipsets for the M2 base model devices.

The MacBook Air M2 base model

With the release of the MacBook Air back in July of ’22, the anticipation was high to see how this new Apple Silicon chipset would fare compared to its predecessor.

On paper, the device speaks volumes. Apple claims that this chipset is more potent than the M1 by a whopping twenty percent.

In addition to the chipset’s advancement, the price also increased. However, is it justified?

When the device is disassembled, you will see fewer chips than the M1 resulting in slower SSD speeds. Moreover, you will see slower read and write results as well.

Wait, we should advance and increase speeds, not decrease. In some ways, the fruit company regressed in this area for reasons I will hypothesize.

Chip shortages

Today’s chipsets are growing fewer and fewer with each passing day. As a result, apple chose to cut corners and build its products with fewer chips. For example, the MacBook Air equipped with the 256GB SSD has one chip instead two.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro has two chips, and the 16-inch model has five. The new M2 14-inch has one chip, and the 16-inch has two chips. Dramatically decreasing the SSD speeds for both entry models.

I am no mathematician, but this does not add up. Again, from a shortage perspective, I see why they would do this; however, be transparent about it for the consumers.

Cutting production time due to inflation



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