The Fruit Company Is Testing M3 Pro Chips with 12 CPU Cores, 18 GPU Cores

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Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that Apple is testing a new “M3 Pro” chip with 12 CPU cores, 18 GPU cores, and 36GB of RAM.

Can you describe the M3’s appearance? One version currently in testing boasts twelve processing cores, eighteen graphics processing units, and thirty-six gigabytes of RAM.

The Rumors Continues

An App Store developer discovered this and reported it to Power On. The chip’s central processing unit (CPU) consists of 12 separate cores, six dedicated to high-performance processing of the most resource-intensive workloads and six to more energy-efficient jobs.

Gurman speculates that Apple is already testing the M3 Pro on a future Macbook Pro running MacOS 14.0. This combination will be the baseline for the following year’s MacBook Pro.

If the M3 Max receives a comparable upgrade, it might have as many as 14 processing cores and over 40 graphics cores. The M3 Ultra might have twice as many cores, giving it 28 CPU cores and well over 80 GPU cores.

These are all rumors, so we will see what happens in the upcoming months.

TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing process allows Apple to implement these new cores. Despite rumored production difficulties, Apple may introduce its first 3nm M3 CPUs as soon as this year.

The first M3-powered Macs will not hit shelves until late this year or early 2024. According to my sources, development on M3-based iMacs, high-end and low-end MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs began long before the release of the first 15-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip this summer.

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