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Psychological facts 101

A) Some day’s space is imperative in order for a relationship or “situation-ship” to thrive so both partners can realize and appreciate the value of one another’s company.

Imagine being up under each other 25 hours and 8 days a week! Eventually, one will grow tired and vexed.

Moreover, make sure to allow space to enjoy the things that make you happy and to restore balance.

B) Ships do not sink because of the water that keeps them afloat. Ships sink from the water that is allowed in i.e. cracks or defects.

Do not allow what is happening around you to get inside your ship and sink it.

The same should go with your mindset; control your emotions or allow them to control YOU.

C) Individuals that overthink can actually make or become better friends than you think.

Overthinking is associated with empathy, the ability to care for others. Imagine someone that does not think things out.

The level of care is lackluster inside the individual that is not thinking but reacting.

Think fast!!!

D) All birds seek shelter during rain storms but eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds.

Problems are prevalent, but the attitude can make all of the difference.

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one…”

E) The best things in life are not guaranteed, but finding someone who knows all of your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses, and still thinks you are utterly amazing is priceless!

If and when you find this person, do yourself a flavor and keep them by your side. This world is full of trickery that is for sure.

Finding a genuine human being is one of the most intimate and rewarding experiences one can feel.

F) It is not the song that makes you emotional, it is the people and things that come to mind when the song is playing.



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