The addiction no one talks about!

I am sure you have some sort of addiction

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Modern addiction

In terms of modern addiction, there is a myriad of things that many of you out there have an addiction to.

This can range from coffee, dating sites, or eating Five Guys burgers albeit it is tasty, it can be addicting.

Now, this type of addiction is making waves.

Many accidents are caused by careless drivers texting because of phone addiction.

Addictions can take over your life if you allow them to.

Tech addiction

A lot of you today, especially the young possess the need to upload daily content about the things you do.

Back in my day, we had to rely on polaroids and something else that we were born with; it is called memory.

You have a memory but seldom do you utilize it today in this day in age.

When you go out to shop, you are more than likely to tote a smartphone with you.

You rely on that device as if your life depends on it.

This is the modern world of tech where you have to rely on gadgetry to guide you through the day.

I mean, you would be lost without it, right?

The issue is, that staring at the screen is deleterious, and here is how.

Not only the blue light emitted from the screen is bad for your eyes, but the chemical release of dopamine from the images on the screen.

Throughout the day, you tend to check your social media and see how many likes you have gained from your content and the imagery which is enough to saturate your brain with hormones, similar to a user.

Do you know the long-term effects of using smartphones?

Neither do I.

These gadgets have only been around for more than a decade.

I can attest that this addiction is real because we literally have the world at our fingertips.

Now, this technology has caused you to have an attention span of a fish.



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