State-By-State Rank of The 646 Hospitals Under Danger of Closure

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2 min readMay 23, 2023
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Hospitals Are Going Down Nationwide

According to the Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform, around 30 percent of rural hospitals in the United States (or 646 facilities) are at risk of closing owing to financial difficulties.

Because health plans are not paying enough, hospitals lose money on patient services. According to the April report, the losses will grow as long as inflation and labor shortages continue.

While subsidies, local tax money, and other gains have helped rural hospitals, these institutions face significant financial risks due to their limited financial reserves.

More than 200 hospitals around the country are in imminent danger of closing, and more than half of all states in the United States say that 25 percent or more of their rural hospitals are at risk of closure.

The investigation revealed the following numbers and percentages for at-risk rural hospitals in each state:

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Furthermore, due to reckless spending, there is a slew of healthcare facilities in the red. Part of that reason is being short-staffed while doling out over time shifts.

Another reason is paying travelers to help out, which can be expensive. All in all, the staff will suffer the consequences of such frivolous financial mismanagement.



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