One Has To Wonder Why The General Populace Is So Meek and Submissive. The Tyranny of Obeyance

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2 min readSep 18, 2023
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People Are Sheeple

Many of us disagree with today’s ideas, political objectives, and government dictates in private, yet we cooperate in public. We do what we are told, say what is politically right, and rationalize our duplicity by convincing ourselves that we have no capacity to change society, so we might as well fit in, right?

In the video, we explain why outwardly submitting to what we privately disagree with makes us complicit in tyranny, and why each of us has far more ability to affect society than we have been told to believe.

In the 1950s, social scientist Solomon Asch conducted an experiment that illustrated the extent to which people will reject what they believe to be true in order to conform to the majority. Asch displayed two cards to a test subject during the trial.

The first card had a single line, and the second card had three lines, A, B, and C, with only line C being the same length as the line on the first card. Asch directed the test participant to identify which line on the second card was the same length as the line on the first card.

However, before the test subject offered an answer, they saw 7 confederates — or people who were part of the experiment — claim that line B was the same length as the line on the first card.

Rather than stating the obvious truth, the test participants gave the same incorrect answer as the group 37% of the time, and of the 123 test subjects who participated in this experiment, two-thirds agreed with the group at least once.

Asch’s experiment supports what philosophers have been saying for thousands of years: for most people, conforming to what others say and do, no matter how objectively wrong or nonsensical, takes precedence over adapting to reality and discovering the truth.

Another Brick On The Wall — Pink Floyd

The human tendency to conform to perceived majority opinions renders us susceptible to propaganda and susceptible to manipulation.

One of the predominant methods employed by governments, companies, and worldwide institutions to exert influence over public opinion and mold collective behavior is the creation of fabricated perceptions of consensus.

Also, not being able to critically think for yourself will lead to an early demise in life and I do not mean a physical demise.



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