Mozilla Launches

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2 min readMar 22, 2023
Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash, a new startup aimed at building a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem, has been revealed. The company will begin operations with a $30 million investment.

The vision for is to make it easy to develop trustworthy AI products. We will build things and hire/collaborate with people that share our vision: AI that has agency, accountability, transparency, and openness at its core. will be a space outside big tech and academia for like-minded founders, developers, scientists, product managers, and builders to gather. We believe that this group of people, working collectively, can turn the tide to create an independent, decentralized, and trustworthy AI ecosystem — a natural counterweight to the status quo.

What is the purpose of

Tools to make generative AI more secure and transparent. Further, people-centric recommendation systems do not mislead or harm our well-being.

The business claims it will reveal more about them — and what they are constructing — in the coming months.

So, it is another search engine with ChatGPT capabilities, similar to Bing. AI is taking over at a rapid pace.

Mozilla is a reputable third-party search engine tool for Mac and Windows users. I prefer Mozilla over Google Chrome any day of the week.

Only time will tell how will rank amongst the other competitors in the market. That is all for now.



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