Massive Effects on American Supply Chains From the Collapse of the Baltimore Bridge

Knight Writer
2 min readMar 27, 2024
Photo by Alexis 93 on Unsplash

Upon awakening on Tuesday morning, I was astonished to discover that the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore had experienced a collapse.

It has been communicated to us that the incident was a terrible “accident” and there is no substantiated indication of any malicious intent. One can only hope such is indeed the case albeit knowing how the government moves, I will say it was deliberate.

Furthermore, there is no way, NO WAY a container ship is going to cause that much damage without some form of explosives. I have digressed.

Regardless of the source, this tragedy will significantly affect supply networks in the United States.

Unfortunately, the occurrence of Houthi missile strikes in the Red Sea and the decrease in water levels in the Panama Canal have been causing significant stress on global supply networks, which is particularly inconvenient at this moment.

I would be astounded if it occurs with such expediency.

We will observe.

Regardless, we are discussing a complex situation that will have a long-lasting impact on supply chains in the United States.



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