Is society under a mass formation psychosis?

We’re about to find out

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For YEARS I have always used the word “sheep.” It describes society perfectly in my eyes. The masses just follow the herd and comply. No questioning, no resistance, ZILCH!

Some folks like to question things, such as subject matter for instance. How do you expect to become better at learning than to inquire right? I can hear my folks now, “make sure if you don’t understand something, ask questions.”

I’ve always been the one to question things. Now I am questioning humanity as a whole. The power the idiot box has on one's perception is quite astounding. You can’t question the box, so how is the information we regurgitate validly??

This right here is a form of hypnosis. When someone consumes too much media, it can program you. As a matter of fact, back in the days, television shows were dubbed “programs” because subconsciously the material can program the consumer's mind. Amazing isn’t it? 🙈

The news these days especially is creating a mass formation psychosis on the populace. Pseudo pundits on the air 24/7 disseminating toxic medical advice i.e. quarantines, loss of occupation, bodily autonomy revoked and people's psyche commence breakdown.

Mass Formation Psychosis

Is a term sometimes used to describe large crowds of people who all think, feel and act as if they were part of one mass mind? At times this mass mind can be very destructive and dangerous especially when the participants:

- start doing things that will bring harm to themselves without realizing it;

- become violent and use force against others without reason;

- lose all sense of individual self and become mindless zombies.

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Mass psychosis can be very dangerous because the participants don’t think for themselves and do not use their own judgment.

At best they will harm themselves like: rioters who cause damage to property and people, thieves, looters, vandals, etc.; at worst mass psychosis…



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