Hegelian dialectic

How we’ve witnessed this for years

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Hegelian dialectic is a method of dialogue that has been used by many notable figures to develop a particular idea. It is a conversation between three people, thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The formula can be visualized like this:

Thesis + antithesis = synthesis

or in shortened form:

t + ā = s

It might also be visualized as:

Claim, Reason, Result

or Claim, Disagreement, Compromise

or Claim, Defeat, Victory


1) First party (thesis): Makes a statement or claim; may seem reasonable; “has the floor”. 2) Second party (antithesis): Takes an opposing stance; may reject or deny the claim or find it unreasonable. 3) Third-party (synthesis): Interprets the emotional impact of both claims, often with a seemingly bizarre twist; “has the floor” to respond to first and second parties’ claims. A synthesis is not necessarily a third party — sometimes two-thirds of the dialogue is shared between the first and second parties. When that occurs, the synthesis is also shared.

How has this been employed in real time?

To put this in a nutshell, hegelian dialectic is problem, reaction, solution the way I was taught years ago. The ruling class creates the problem, then the masses gives the appropriate response then the solution will be more liberties stripped or more laws implemented.

Look at 9/11 for instance. Prime example of this tactic. Now look at the result of the Patriot Act. More strict laws to make sure we’re “safe” at the airports, wiretapping, able to seize property via Patriot Act. That isn’t protection but encroachment. Same things we’re seeing today with the rebranded flu.

This method is the most effective strategy in getting things done monetarily, militarily, economically and so fourth. We can clearly see how the idiot box can play a vital role in supporting the ruling class covert agendas.

I’m laughing to myself because the elites are saying, “hey, if ain’t broke why fix it?” The masses will keep falling for the same old shit without questioning. How many of us question things? I know I sure do. I even question the stuff I already know. Never settle for less. Always keep your scanners peeled.



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