Battery Replacement For iPhones Increased By $20

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As if inflation is not enough these days. Sheesh! Speaking of inflation, have you seen the latest news from Mr. Jerome Powell about increasing interest rates?

I will not digress about this issue today; however, I might chat about this change and how it can affect everyone in the future.

As we all know, the fruit company loves to charge obnoxiously high prices for their devices and to maintain them.

Hey, you gotta pay to play, right?

Battery replacement

Effective March 1st, there will be an increase of around twenty dollars to replace the batteries on iPhones on models 13 and under.

Obviously, this does not include the new 14 models because they are still brand new.

Furthermore, instead of the average price of $69, we will have to pay $89 for a new battery install.

This is substantial.

A battery for iPhone is relatively inexpensive. You can purchase one from eBay for $10–25 — much cheaper than the fruit store.

With a pair of iFixit tools, you will be on your way. I will link a video below for a tutorial on replacing a battery to save some pennies. It is manageable.


Wrapping things up, I think iPhone is one of the BEST smartphones out there because:

A) It retains its value

B) The aesthetics

C) Battery life

D) Camera

E) A robust operating system not plagued with bugs

F) Ecosystem

G) User-friendly

These are just several reasons that I can come up with from the top of my head, albeit there are more; however, you get the point.

I am not saying that these phones are perfect by any means; they have drawbacks, such as limited customizable options compared to Samsung and many other missing features.

Batteries are made to last 18–24 months or 500 charge cycles until they show their age.

If you want to prolong the life of your battery, do not charge your device fully, and do not let it drain to zero percent.

By doing this, you are keeping the charge cycles low while increasing the battery's lifespan. Think of it like a fuel tank. It is much cheaper and easier to fill it from half than from empty.

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