Are we bioluminescent?

The truth shall emerge from the dark

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Or I should’ve worded the title, “Do we glow in the dark?” I am sure most of you are familiar with fire flies, glow worms, jelly fish. The number one thing these creatures have in common is their ability to illuminate. We can see with our very own eyes that they produce their own light.

What if I told you that we all glow? You know that saying, you’re glowing or you have that glow! There is meaning to this and I’ll prove it.

Aura is a word we don’t see too often. This word alone is the reason we all possess that glow, that energy. Some people can actually see ones true colours and the range varies depending on the individuals mood. When a person is depressed, the energy or aura is compressed, when the person is euphoric the opposite transpires. You want to be around that person more due to the energy the person is emitting. Like a good radio station.

Here’s a link to what I am saying to substantiate: Click here


The etymology of this word is rather astounding. It’s an archaic word but it makes so much sense once we understand this word esoterically in lieu of exoterically.



In order for our body to recharge, receive energy for overall life is from the sun. This heavenly orb is responsible for life on this vast plane in general. AU is gold in the periodic table and Ra is Kemetic for ray or sun.

I am going to try to sound like Coming To America with this.


Protect this knowledge, spread the wealth. In a way we’re like Transformers, we’re much more than what meets the eyes…



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