A Couple Minutes of Wise Words:

Here is some sage advice.

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Practice silence in the moment of anger.

  • Saves you from unwanted predicaments.
  • Saving energy for what matters.
  • Life will be more peaceful.

During my days of working in psych, in order for me to de-escalate a patient, I had to be the water to their fire.

Control expectations.

  • Life will be happier.
  • Learn to take on responsibilities.
  • No more disappointments.

The fewer expectations you have for someone or something, the better you are off. Only you can have high expectations for yourself only.

Make healthy habits and ditch the unhealthy ones.

  • Attracts better opportunities.
  • Life becomes more positive.
  • A sound mind lives in a sound body.

You can start by writing down positive affirmations and be thankful for what you have. Attracting healthy things and habits begins with how well you talk to yourself and your thought patterns.

Do not think about the past; nothing is left, so leave it there.

  • Focus on the present.
  • Take past memories as lessons.
  • You do not live there; cease thinking.

Do not use the past as a place of residence but as a place for reference.

Do not keep tabs on who you want to heal.

  • They are not meant to be in your life.
  • It will cause more pain and regret.
  • It will not help if you go back to what broke you.

What does not kill makes you stronger.

Take time to know yourself.

  • It helps to sort out jumbled thoughts.
  • It helps to deal with uncomfy things in a better way.
  • It also helps to avoid making erroneous decisions.

Time is life's most…



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