It makes perfect sense as to why these are considered brains

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When you hear the word brain, you automatically think of the pink ganglion located between the ears.

But, little do we know of the other “sub-brains” that play an intricate part in bodily functionality.

You can’t have one without the other.

Just as we see in this matrix, everything is…



Want to know a little something? Peep this.

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H3O2 is more prevalent than H2O. How is that? Check it.

Our bodies are comprised of mostly H3O2. Conventional science will tell us that we’re around 70 percent H20.

This has proven to be fallacious for our cells and blood is mostly H3O2 or “structured water.”

If you’re interested in…



Just to clear things up, I only want to point some things out

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As usual, we must dig deep to make sense of what we thought was the truth for so long.

When it comes to the topic of immunity, most of us think about germs, viruses, bacteria, vaccines, and our immune system.

This can range from vitamin C intake or thinking the…



True story if you’re into health

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Have you ever felt drained, bloated, and just doggone tired?

Does your body feel inflamed and does it cramp up post-exercise?

Look no further than the almighty water of the gods.

This right here is the coconut water that I am about to tell you about.

It is packed with…



If you want to increase your sales, read this

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Would you like to know how you can potentially increase your book sales?

Uploading low-content books for KDP is a pain in the ass at times, but, it has rewarding benefits.

One thing I have stumbled upon scouring through Amazon is that most authors do not have an author account.



Listening to tunes can help you in more ways than one

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Yo! What is good everyone? I’ll tell you what’s good. Music.

Getting through my day with music is one of the best remedies to quell depression, anxiety, and fleeting thoughts.

Music can also help you with being more creative.

You’ll feel a rush of endorphins when your favorite track is…



The facts just may shock you

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Here is a topic that is seldom discussed. The link between mental health and nutrition.

I’ll provide you with an example, have you experienced getting “hangry” or irritable when you haven’t eaten?

It is similar to that in a way.

Vitamins and our mental well-being go together like peanut butter…





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