7 Simple habits that will fix your problems

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Every single one of you has habits whether good or bad, habits are ubiquitous.

Habits can determine who you are, dictate your decisions in life, or can make you richer or poorer.

With this said, I will lay out simple habits to incorporate into your daily routine for optimal results.

1. Plan your day ahead

Get everything ready you need for the morning the night before.

This will make planning a cinch and it comes in handy.

2. Get adequate rest

Lack of quality sleep will make it so you cannot enjoy or improve life.

To get things done as expected, you must get enough rest for your body and mind.

Not getting enough rest will result in an inept temperament, and hostility, and reduces your ability to concentrate.

3. Follow the 80/20 rule

Invest a large portion of your energy and time in those specific tasks that will create a major impact and maximizes your productivity.

20% of tasks yield 80% of the results.

4. If something takes 5 minutes or less, DO IT!

Yes, just DO IT similar to those old-school Nike commercials from the ’90s. If you can do something that takes less than 5 minutes to complete — do it immediately!

Completing the simple tasks right away prevents a lot of clutter and stress later on.

5. Have non-negotiables

My non-negotiables are:


  • 20 — minute walk
  • 10 — minute meditation
  • Cold showers
  • 10 — minute writing


  • This one is hard but no screen time an hour prior to bed
  • No food 2 hours before bed
  • Stretching

6. Social Media Detox

Keep track of the time when you indulge in your phone — the best way is to keep a timer on when you are on the phone.

Spend an hour without touching your phone/tablet/television, and notice how much you will enjoy it.

7. Create a morning ritual

Having a morning ritual for yourself takes practice. Commence by waking up early — it takes time to prep for the day.

Make time not excuses!

Be sure to squeeze in some meditation time. The more you practice, the more your health and potentially your life improves.



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